Extending Beyond Copy, Print, Scan and Fax

Today’s MFDs must not only be able to copy, print, scan and fax documents, but must also go beyond its capabilities by seamlessly integrating into their office workflow — increasing productivity and efficiency, while keeping its cost low. Sharp MFD’s with its Open Systems Architecture (OSA), when integrated with our portfolio of market tested office solutions are able to satisfy this new standard for today’s office environment.

Specially designed to help companies maintain their competitive edge by reducing unwanted expenses while having maximum control and accountability. Make the best use of technology with ultimate transparency and control. Do more with Less.

Streamlines your business processes and boosts productivity. With the help of optical character recognition (OCR), it can capture the right content quickly and accurately with minimal effort.

Boost document workflow and facilitate the cost-effective utilisation of digital data by making it easy to organise, store, access, and share documents on the hard disk.

Seamlessly connect mobile workers with their daily business processes, ensuring security while maintaining productivity.

Enables your entire organization seamlessly with optimum control and accountability.

Today’s networked office equipment retains document data that can accidentally or maliciously disclose confidential document data, which could seriously impact your business.