Link with Mobile Device*

Connecting the MFP to one or more mobile devices is easy, and it expands your options for sharing data. Not only can you send scanned documents to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can also print documents or photos sent from those devices. Link with Mobile Devices*

*Requires wireless LAN connection or optional MX-EB18. Availability of this option varies by country/region.


Sharpdesk Mobile*1

This print/scan app lets you easily link your mobile device to the MFP by simply holding it over the MFP’s NFC card reader*2 or by scanning the MFP’s QR Code®.

*1: Availability varies by country/region. For details, see the Sharpdesk Mobile support website:
*2: The NFC interface is for Android™ devices running Android 9 or earlier. Requires third-party NFC card reader. Contact a Sharp customer representative for details.


Sharp Print Service Plugin*

This mobile printing technology allows printing from Android devices.

*Available at a later date. Availability varies by country/region. For details, see the Sharp Print Service Plugin support website:

Requires optional MX-PK13.



The MFP supports the AirPrint printing feature in Apple devices. It lets you print directly from a mobile device without the need for a print driver.
*Requires optional MX-PK13.

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