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  1. What does Sharp Business Solutions do?
    Sharp Business Solutions complements your Sharp devices to achieve business outcomes faster than ever before. Besides Sharp’s original in-house MFP softwares like Kayleigh, SharpDesk and SharpDocs, Sharp’s display solutions provide a whole new level of effortless communication.

  2. Why can’t I find any information on Sharp MFP products?
    Sharp Solutions website specialize in both document and display solutions that are in line with organizations technical and business requirements. With a diverse range of Sharp business solutions, further cost savings and value-added transformation in your working environment can be reached. For more information on the Sharp’s MFP and display hardwares, click here.

  3. Is Sharp Business Solutions available internationally?
    Sharp Solutions described here are solutions that can be supported in the PanASEAN region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and the Middle East. However, not all solutions are carried by these countries. For more information about the complete list available in your country please click here.

  4. Where can I find the latest Driver information and Downloads for my Sharp Office and Visual Solutions?
    For the latest PC/Mac printer drivers and utilities,
    Click here to obtain the latest drivers for our range of printers
    Click here to obtain the latest drivers for our display products

  5. Where can I obtain service on my Sharp Office and Visual solutions?
    Consult the dealer or distributor where you purchased the product or contact the Sharp service organization in the country where your product was originally purchased. For contact information of the local Sharp service organization, go to “Support” section of the website, click on “Technical Support” below.

  6. How can I confirm warranty information when purchasing a Sharp Office and Visual solutions?
    The limited warranty varies by product, as well as the country where the product was sold. Please consult the dealer for warranty information when you purchase the product.

  7. Can I use my Sharp Office and Visual solutions anywhere in the world?
    As safety standards, regulations and/or other local requirements may vary by country, we strongly recommend that you use the product only in the country where it is marketed and sold by Sharp and/or its distributor. For more information please click here

  8. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with my purchase with any of my Sharp Office and Visual solution?
    Sharp takes great pride to ensure that your experience with Sharp is efficient, productive as well as satisfying. Please contact your dealer or distributor so they can best assist you in resolving matter or leave a comment in our enquiry box here.

  9. How do you use my personal information?
    Sharp takes great responsibility and pride in offering a safe and secure platform for users. We respect every individual’s privacy and will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with any company outside of Sharp Corporation, or third parties acting on our behalf. Click here to find out more about Sharp’s online privacy policy.

  10. How do I submit a comment or idea for the website?
    We are committed to delivering upon your ideas and feedback. Click Here and state your subject with your comments.