Company Background

A private university in the Philippines, formerly known as Fatima medical Science Foundation Incorporated (FMSFI). The university concentrates mainly on allied medical sciences and technology. It has three main campuses, one based in:

  • Valenzuela City
  • Quezon City
  • Antipolo, Rizal



Identify company “PAIN” areas wherein they are facing in their daily job and what they want to achieve.

The university keeps an archive of paper-based student records which include transcript of records, student application and information, birth certificates and other relevant records for their students. It has been the university’s challenge to quickly retrieve information from all the archived paper documents.

The growing volume of students also means a rapid increase in paper documents which need to be kept at the university’s records division. The physical space to store the documents has also become an emerging issue.



The Solution that you have suggested and implemented

Amongst the 3 campuses, the Valenzuela campus has already started adapting a digital approach in archiving its school records. The Valenzuela campus has been a user of Redmap Express since 2009. Due to the growing needs in archiving, e-Copy has upgraded and implemented the Valenzuela Campus’ Redmap Express to Redmap Advance.

In addition to the upgrade, a second campus, the Quezon City campus has decided to implement Redmap Advance to convert the existing paper records to digital format and realize the benefits of a digital document archive.

A third campus, the Antipolo campus is now being proposed with the same solution.



After implementing your Solution, what was the effect and benefits?

The Redmap Advance solution enabled the university to retrieve information from any student record in a very efficient manner. Reports for data mining and intelligence can also be generated by transferring paper-based records to digitally stored records in the Redmap Advance solution.

Furthermore, the university need not store the paper records in filing cabinets and place them near the records division’s work area for retrieval purposes. Data and scanned copies of the document can now be easily retrieved using the solution. The filing cabinets may be stored off-campus and the space saved may be utilized for other purposes.